HOPPER BROS. is a family farming business (est 1973) located in the fertile North Willamette Valley. The "Home Place" was first farmed by our grandparents in the early part of the last century. In addition to 200-plus acres devoted to conifer production, we raise nine other crops. We also operate retail Christmas tree lots out of state. This has given us the experience and understanding of both ends of the business, which enables us to better serve your needs.

We are conifer lovers, especially Abies (Firs). Almost all of the other conifer genera are represented as well. Propagating by seed, cuttings, and grafting gives us immense variety, so you can expect to find rare seedling forms as well as dwarf and unusual conifers from cuttings and grafts. Of course, we also do the popular seedlings and grafted material as well. Our stock is also offered for sale as B&B, field containerized, summer containerized, and container grown.

33285 S. Barlow Road
Woodburn, Oregon 97071
Office: (503)651-2493
Fax: (503) 651-3766
E-mail: sales@hopperbros.com