We are conifer lovers, especially Abies (Firs).  Almost all of the other conifer genera are represented as well.  Propagating by seed, cuttings, and grafting gives us immense variety.  You will find rare seedling forms as well as dwarf and unusual conifers from cuttings and grafts.  We also do the popular seedlings and grafted material as well.  Our stock is also offered for sale as balled & burlapped, field containerized, summer containerized and container grown.  We also offer our liners, plugs and bareroot.  We offer as well a wide range of sculptured conifers and topiary.  We are growing literally hundreds of individual species, cultivars, varieties and styles.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees (both cut and living) are offered in a wide range of sizes and species.  These trees are specifically cultured to become the centerpiece of our customers holiday celebrations. We offer at least 12 major species and dozens of minor ones.

Hopper Bros. Christmas trees operates three upscale retail lots. These are full service lots with additional services such as flocking, flameproofing, sales of living trees, deliveries, and sales of many extras.  The staff is friendly and attentive.  The ambiance is the best in the business with Christmas music heard across well lit lots and heated tents at all locations.  Free popcorn, coffee, and apple cider is offered to all.  Generous donations from Hopper Bros. and our customers are given to the Salvation Army and Toys for Tots.  Spiked Christmas tree stands sold that are our own unique design.  These stands are fabricated in house.  All trees are displayed in individual water base stands and arranged to look like a small mixed conifer forest.  This is not an insignificant operation.  Most are impressed when they see there first hand.  They are the total opposite of what is generally thought of as a tree lot...a few posts in the ground with trees leaning against a wire, dim lighting, and some suspicious looking lot attendant inside an old trailer.